Thursday, 28 August 2008

Green & Back

Hi blog reader/s. I'm back from our little family excursion to the alps and bits of France. You'll notice that the use of capital letters is back too. It's actually quite a drag avoiding them in a systematic way, I discovered.

I'm looking forward next week to the Do Lectures (and if you arent coming you for the full tented experience will be able to catch lots of it online)

Speaking of speeches and mostly just so I keep a note of it for myself that I can find again, my recent speech to commemorate 40 years of advertising account planning (it does get around to talking about sustainability eventually) is here.

Meanwhile in much greener fields...

I had a note while I was away from Angelina from Ecovian - do check out their site, especially if you're in their area(s). Some time back when I was trying to get my head around what ecologists were 'after' (it all seemed so impossibly complex and in relative to how we live today, perhaps just impossible) I asked my friend Harry, then editor of the Ecologist and he summarised it as all being about LIVING LOCAL. There are many applications of that thought, from the 100 mile diet to new kinds of locale (iGenius springs to mind - connecting people who are 'in the same place' professionally and personally). But harnessing real communities and connecting them with each other and local resources/support is probably the best app of all. Anyway that's all by way of wishing the best of luck and thanks and encouragement to Ecovian for helping us save the planet one city at a time.

Also I'm very much looking forward later next month to Greengaged which is the sustainability hub of the London Design Festival and is being co-hosted by Sophie & Juhi (two fellow members of LondonUnited) at the Design Council 15th-23rd Sept :J


Josh said...

Hi John,

I'm one of the people who helped start Ecovian, thanks for writing about us, and we're thrilled that you found our approach of connecting people to local resources and their local communities to be so useful. We've been working on the site for a while now and are continuing to add new regions all the time. If anyone has any comments or questions on this approach, I'd love to hear then and would be happy to discuss in this thread.


Anonymous said...


Look forward to meeting you at the Do Lecture next week :)

Jon Moss