Monday, 8 September 2008

Done Do

What an amazing event. 80 people. Some tents. A lot of weather - but very much something that brought people together rather than dampened us. And the most inspiring couple of days I've spent in years. The speakers were truly amazing (and you'll be able to see the videos soon here within the next few weeks) but so even more so too was everyone I got a chance to chat to. I have a ton of thoughts and reflections and learnings to blog at some point, although much more of what i took out was on the 'what to DO with my life & all those half baked but half ready ideas' type of level. Anyway right now am jamming another London week into a few days before heading off to another trip. There's just time to say thanks to Howies, my fellow DO-ers and fforest for such a wonderful, life-changey sort of event :J


Adrian McEwen said...

Sounds like it was excellent. I'm now doubly gutted that I didn't make it through the selection process.

Looking forward to watching the videos though.

John Grant said...

I wonder how they can take that forward, there were about 70 places and I know there was HUGE (almost Ted scale) interest and demand. It really was a brilliant line up, I've returned totally re-inspired on many fronts. For one thing I need to read the complete works of Alistair McIntosh (Soil & Soul) whose take on human ecology & spirituality alongside all our outward 'doing' be it activism, venturing, teaching or whatever - the question of what sort of future humanity we are working on at a more inner world level - was the outstanding thought I took away. I wonder if there is a way to open it up a bit, in terms of a virtual audience live, although they could never replicate the amazing conversations in a rainy loo cue or fforest forage. I'm probably making it worse, but actually on reflection you had to be there.