Tuesday, 29 July 2008

meanwhile in peterborough...

this just in from nyree, marketing officer extraordinaire for the peterborough environment city trust and longtime greenormal contributor...


Forum for the Future calls upon Peterborough’s Eastex Materials Exchange to kit out office sustainably. Eastex is the Materials Exchange scheme based in the East of England. The scheme is based on the idea that one business’ waste is another’s raw material and re-homes thousands of tonnes of goods every year. Since its inception in April 2006 the Eastex scheme has saved organisations over £1.5 million on waste disposal and procurement costs, saved over 9,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, and averted 16,000 tonnes worth of materials from ending up in landfill. Items the Forum was able to source through Eastex include second hand meeting room chairs, office plants, whiteboards and coat stands for the three floors of its London office. Eastex coordinator for Peterborough Ian Tennant says, “I am really pleased that the Forum called upon Eastex to refurbish its offices in an environmentally friendly way. It’s great that national organisations are coming to Peterborough for eco solutions.
”Often businesses don’t realise how easy it is to source good quality second hand items. It’s cheaper and reduces the amount of useful items sent to landfill.” Peterborough is aiming to become the UK’s Environment Capital making schemes like Eastex vital to the city. The city has also recently opened its Eco Innovation centre and has the largest cluster of environmental businesses in the UK. If you are an organisation with materials to donate, or are looking for resources, Eastex may be able to help. Visit www.eastex.org.uk to find out more.


i think its a really good story and ample evidence that peterborough is indeed well on its way to becoming the uk's environmental capital (vs london which is well on its way to becoming a biblical - "well in strictly old testament terms they had it coming to them, look at all those 4x4s that they voted ken out to keep driving!" - flood zone!!!)


Jon Alexander said...

This is where we start to really see how business could operate in the future. Gunther Pauli is probably the guy who's done most in this space - with his brewery etc he's really going a long way to proving that any business can close the loop. Have a read of this if you want to know more (click top right to get past the tedious ad):

Eamon said...

Hello. Just to let you know, added you to spotlightideas.co.uk 's Top 100 PLUS Advertising, Marketing, Media & PR Blog list.