Wednesday, 7 May 2008

climate counts 08 scores now out

required reading for anyone tracking companies' progress on their sustainability commitments, a robust independent assessment intended to help people vote with their wallet (I blogged about this when it launched a year ago here)

go check it out at

oh, yes and interestingly, it's looking like many of the new economy brands are in the doghouse: apple, amazon, ebay
it's recommend that the climate conscious avoid doing business with these companies
there's an interesting story in mcdonalds (okay) and starbucks (good) vs burger king & others (bad)


Paul F said...

While I find things like this interesting and would use it to decide, with other factors like employment rights for workers/fair trade, I don't think it will make a bit of difference to the public at large. All they care about is trends, and to a lesser extent in most of the companies listed case, price.

Take the ipod as one example, its trend driven, has the best marketing, is widely classed by people in the electronics industry as not being very good in respect of sound quality, which judging by sales doesn't seem to be important to the consumer.

All the masses care about is how it makes them look, not how it or the company producing it impacts on the planet around them.

I guess the big goal for companies trying to sell "greener" products or carrying out greener practices is to change the trend.

John Grant said...

I know what you mean, but i think there is a possibility of cascading effects on brands seen as being 'in' when a vociferous group say they are 'off'?

if an iPhone became a furcoat-ish sort of statement?


Paul F said...

You have a point.

Maybe if we see the same sort of pressure on people who choose to purchase products from companies who have a bad rep, like there seems to be on SUV drivers right now, we might see a difference.

The problem with it is that some people just don't care enough and never will, I guess we just have to concentrate on the ones that do/will/can care enough.