Sunday, 20 May 2007

Held to a Count is a new site from Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield farms (for those based over here, its 'the Yeo of the US').

Right now it hosts a 4 minute film about how climate change distaster was averted, a view from 2056 (which is nice)

But what they are going to have here is a rating of companies based on their 'voluntary action to reduce climate change'. They are going to target companies who target college age students. And the site will be launched on June 19th coinciding with live earth. It's the carbon labelling scheme meets ethical consumer guides. What will be most interesting is those companies whose actions bely their image; if McDonalds come out looking good, or Apple looking bad. Of course it's difficult to make such assessments from outside a company, but one of the criteria is willingness to disclose information.

Like any such scheme it will be interesting and effective if they get a big membership, so that the ratings do create pressure on sales, and quite possibly shareprice. There are lots of ethical consumer guides, but there has never been anything which simply measures companies in 'calories' so that those on a planet diet can switch to those who make most difference.

via worldchanging

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