Tuesday, 6 May 2008

At what point is 'business at usual' bust?

(Guardian 06.05) As the death toll in Burma from Cyclone Nargis rises towards 30,000, one resident of Rangoon describes the desperate search for food, water and shelter in the city since the storm struck on Saturday

(BBC 06.05) Recent price rises have forced many Bangladeshis to reduce the amount they eat each day. Many Bangladeshis say they now no longer eat lunch and most can no longer afford to eat meat, fish or eggs.

(FT 06.05) Crude oil prices could surge to $200 a barrel in the next two years, according to the Goldman Sachs analyst who three years ago correctly predicted a price “super-spike” above $100 a barrel. Last month, Chakib Khelil, president of Opec, also warned oil could reach $200 a barrel.

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Libby Davy said...

All I can say is, it's too late to shop our way out of the climate emergency or hope eco lightbulbs will do the trick. Read Climate Code Red and think well in advance of Kyoto. Talk about resilience. Lobby government hard. That's my vote. Some debate on this, including input from Forum for the Future's Hugh McLeod and green biz folk / activists here http://authenticblogging.com/2008/03/05/brighton-posse-serving-healthy-greens-but-will-it-be-in-time/