Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Eurostar Part Deux

What a fantastic day out on the Eurostar today. The train was packed with 'green pioneers' who are as you'd expect a lovely bunch. Got to Paris in just a shade over two hours after a really fun packed journey out with 5 year old who reckons we pulled into platform 5 just because it was his birthday. A lovely afternoon strolling in Paris, eating and a spot of birthday themed shopping. A smooth trip back with family snoozing to the sound of people who run charitable trusts comparing notes, while I got three or four bits of work done and numerous emails answered. The team at Eurostar have been working flat out for many months (as anyone who say the BBC documentary I am catching the end of will be aware) but they still found time to pop by with a birthday present for Cosmo, as if he hadnt already had a birthday like no other. A special thanks to them and all the wellwishers in carriage 16!

As for the serious point you'd have to be almost bonkers to fly into near Europe from today. Russel Davies who i met in the departure lounge on the way out pointed out you can also now get to Amsterdam in about 4 hours. I've just travelled for the last 14 hours and I feel less tired than I did yesterday night at the same time. That and of course the overwhelming environmental advantages. The Eurostar's tread lightly programme is well worth checking out here

There's also a great blog documenting what they have been up to with lots of info

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Rob Mortimer said...

A setup always designed for speed, and now it potentially has an even more impressive selling point.

Great to see someone leading the way for ecologically responsible travel.