Wednesday, 14 November 2007


I'm off today on the first carbon neutral journey to Paris by Eurostar from St Pancras - along with 500 'green pioneers' who have been invited along, and also the family (Cosmo is 5 years old today, so they very kindly invited him come along too). Thanks to Greg Nugent, a true green pioneer himself. & his team & congratulations on pulling it off, on time: bbc story here

Meanwhile we've not yet reached 50 links to the free birthday book post (so dont be put off - you are still in time :) Thanks to those that already sent their postal address. If anyone reads this who I havent emailed yet, or who is about to link, do send your snail mail address to me at thejohngrant(AT)btinternet(DOT)com. I will aim to get the first batch of books in the post tomorrow. Oh, and thanks to Mindshare for an interesting session yesterday and good luck with your own green initiative.

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