Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Amazon Chic

Happy to see the Green Marketing Manifesto is already sitting at number 20 in business books tonight.

Meanwhile another book I just stumbled upon out next week which looks brilliant is this one.

Catherine Hamnett who wrote the foreword has been doing amazing stuff in fashion for many years, latterly with Tesco prompting them to change their fashion procurement policies across the board. There's a nice account of this in an interview she wrote for the Ecologist earlier this year fully reproduced here It's an object lesson not only for fashion but on engaging with big business.

Also to watch out for is the Anti-Apathy refashion awards event next April, it's going to be a landmark event (as was their fashion show/event in Camden two years ago which Hamnett headlined). Details here

Recent IPC research shows that while the penny has dropped with groceries, very few people are thinking about ther sustainability of the clothes they buy. 2008 will be a good time to challenge that :J


Luke Tipping said...

This is a super cool book.

Green really is cool! Which is why I've just purchased a pair of these:

This is a cool book too:

It provides provides
a comprehensive guide to bringing up your baby free from
harmful chemicals, pollutants and allergens. it's not about green. It's about a quality of life!

John Grant said...

good tip, I think we could probably stretch to a green bookshelf roundup sometime soon, lots of people ask me 'what to read' (re what to actually do in your life) and there are loads of good generalist and specialist choices for sure