Saturday, 9 June 2007

Green Awards

The green awards is basically the UK Oscars for green marketing. At last year's awards M&S vied with Ariel, O2 and Sky for the big corporate sustainability plaudits, while numerous local, little and nice initiatives and brands were arguably the real stars. They had a great range of speakers and presenters. It also got broadcast on Sky and greenTV. Lots of those case studies ended up in the book too.

Anyway they are back and calling for entries, sponsors and so on here

I met up last week with Iain Patton from Satellite who produce this event. I'm seeing him again soon & might press gang him for a blog interview. The actual event organisation itself is an interesting story; there was lots of thoughtful stuff about how it was done, the sourcing of the food and so on. A carbon neutral event apparently although this year I think they need to have a word with attendees about alternatives to arriving by cab! It's difficult when you are in 'green tie' (mine last year was made from strips of rubber plant frond) but maybe there could be an innovative hybrid cab sharing programme for those too shy to ride the Northern line dreesed for the Guidlhall?

Do check it out anyway, enter your green marketing cases large & small, and if you work for or advise a green leaning company get your sponsorship chequebook out - but hurry, they are closing lots of deals eg Asda has already snapped up sponsorship of the best packaging awards.

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