Saturday, 9 June 2007

Book Cover MockUp

Here's a first glimpse of what the cover may look like, courtsey of Tom Williams at More Associates. This may change somewhat, as we are about to have a discussion with production people on the greenest approach to both the cover material (and whether it will even have a paper cover or we will print straight onto the hardcover underneath) and the inks used. This could certainly affect the colour scheme we use. But the intention is to do the cover with one colour and typography, to make something simple, bold and authentic - with a much lower impact than glossy photography and paper stock.

I love it already anyway, comments welcome as always.

ps The thing about refusing a plastic bag was Nick at John Wiley's idea, and I have to say they are really getting behind the whole concept. They have also decided to go with FSC paper stock and yet to price the book very accessibly (you can get it on Amazon for about £10).


Bob said...

Love the simplicity of it, looks nice :)

Although I'd put some space between the title and author to not make it look like one thing...

john dodds said...

Terrific - except for one thing - I read left to right not bottom to top with my head tilted sideways.

Was there a version with the title written horizontally?

Pernille Fruensgaard said...

Looks very nice. I'll say drop the paper cover. Perfect idea about the comment on not using the plastic shopping bag. If this attitude could be taken all the way through production and sales, it will lay a nice atmosphere around this book.

Is it actually possible to make an carbon neutral publication. (solar cell for charging the laptop, recycle print and the issue about ink.) I'm just reading the heaths made to stick and loved their example on the clothing factory cleaning their process. Not just greenwashing their image, but actually made an impact - both on sales and on the environment.

This is a point I'm looking forward discussing in the time to come. I was out hearing a speech of Bill Clinton two weeks ago and he stressed that greening the world isn't something we shall do out of charity bt something we eed to do and even more important thing we need to do to secure our economy. Greening can be a way to make money. Looking forward for that discussing, cause often many people still think greening their company is an expense - not an profitable option of innovation.

Got to be a long comment - no just on the cover, But to return to the issue - it looks nice....

Chris said...

Hi John,

From the semiotic point of view very solid. Nice optimistic shade of green and vertical orientation of type is positively disruptive - very redolent of the kooky brands in food and drink right now.

The font itself looks like a slightly more refined less bombastic Arial Black or from that font family. Signifies confidence and stridency with nuance.


Chris A

Freya said...

It's fab. I'd buy it.
Must be tricky getting the ethics of production right - just heard soy-based inks are a bit of a red herring, but am sure you're on top of all that. Anyway, we'll be chatting about similar stuff later, speak then. F.

anonandon said...

what was genius about the brand innovation manifesto cover was that fact that the manuscript was nailed into a glass facade, very powerful image.

this cover doesn't say anything to me but the obvious, its green and it doesn't convey the intelligent work that you have put into writing it... (sorry)

to make it a bit more intersting why don't you:
1. print it out
2. shred it
3. then put it back together
4. and photograph it.

see what i mean here:

good luck with it

Anonymous said...

Love the typography, but isn't green a bit at odds with the core message? I thought this was about normalising sustainable behaviour, freeing it up from the 'green' community.

John Grant said...

THX for all the comments

We are into a second round of development & it combines the best of the positive things said with an answer for any of the critical points raised; will take a little while to mock up so watch this space

I saw Tom the designer tonight & he's been reading these comments too & finds it very interesting getting public feedback in this way too