Friday, 8 June 2007

Move to Canada

Three reasons

1. Canadians are really nice (hello Dino, Christian if you are reading)
They are also very funny, most of the 'US' comedians are actually Canadians. It's also such a beautiful country, with warm people, some of the nicest taxi drivers etc. I have ever met in my travels

2. James Lovelock says it will be the only inhabitable bit of that continent by the end of the century. He must be quite convincing on the subject because apparently politicians and academics kept approaching him on his speaker tour to promote 'Revenge of Gaia' asking how far north in Canada they should buy a home/some land!

3. They seem to produce so much of the interesting green content, design, architecture & etc. I've not totted it up but it sometimes seems like about half of treehugger, worldchanging reports are from Canada.
Random example; I got sent a link to this today which looks like an amazing info resource zerofootprint

Declaration of interest: my uncle was a big dinosaur geologist in the rockies near Alberta, it's always occupied a special (Indiana jones esque) place in my imagination.


Erwin Gerrits said...

Last year, ZeroFootprint sold 200,000 tonnes worth of Carbon Credits, and for it, it planted a grand total of 25,000 trees. At $10 per tonne, Zerofootprint made $2,000,000 dollars, and planted 25,000 trees for it. Planting trees with a reputable firm will cost you around $1 per tree. Not a bad profit there: $25,000 for trees, $2,000,000 in revenues, that’s a profit of 1,975,000 or 99%. And anybody who’s ever done any treeplanting would know, you could plant over 200,000 seedlings by yourself in a planting season. They claim they planted 25,000 trees in one year, which is exactly what one planter can do in about 10 days.

This year, they suggest to be planting 100,000 trees, so in keeping with their math, they sold $8,000,000 worth of credits. Not a bad business to be in!


Dino said...

OK John, time to head over here then. I have a real estate agent on hold for you.

(Throw in universal health care, and Canada looks pretty enticing :)