Monday, 16 April 2007

Global Attitudes to Climate Change

Some findings from a recnt BBC World/Synovate poll:

The Synovate Global Omnibus survey on climate change interviewed 14,220 respondents across 21 countries. Details here: press release

* More than two-thirds of the world are concerned about climate change with the South Africans and Brazilians most anxious. As a result they are most likely to encourage their friends to become greener. 57% of Americans are concerned about climate change.

* People are unclear as to the consequences of climate change. One in seven who had an opinion on climate change did not know what the main danger would be, such as desertification, drought, flooding or hunger. Asians (Koreans, Chinese and Singaporeans) especially remain uninformed about the dangers of climate change.

* Two-thirds of all respondents blame the US before any other country. Almost four in five Americans however think that no one country is to blame though.

* There is a significant section of the population that does not back the prevailing scientific view. A quarter of Americans either do not believe climate change is man-made or are unconcerned about it.

* Germans far more likely to blame cars and aircraft use for global warming.

* People tend to attack climate change through their consumption patterns. More than half have bought green products; energy efficient devices; reduced packaging; or saved power. 28% encouraging friends to be green.

* Only 20% have bought or plan to buy a smaller car and 28% have changed their travel plans.

My only question would be over their use of the word 'only' when describing only 20% changing their car and 28% changing travel plans. This report shows an overwhelming majority of the world's population concerned and about half taking action, and about a quarter making fundamental changes to their lifestyles. That's quite a big trend already. And just wait until the summer of globally televised rock concert activism kicks in :J

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