Monday, 16 April 2007

Appendix Removed!

the link: appendix deconstructing green

I have cut a 15,000 word section from the book that deconstructs existing 'GREEN' cultural codes and finds them lacking; cliched, consumerised, co-opted and generally not much help. It's of academic interest in a book which says dont greenwash and use fresh cultural codes not tired ones, so I will be saving the trees this would have cost! But for a few planning and semiotic geeks, and also for anybody doing qual research into 'green brands' it might be some help, so I thought I'd stick it up here anyway. I might turn it into an article at some point I guess. If anyone is busy and has the choice between reading this or the next section of the book (due imminently) pls do read the latter tho ;J

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Helen said...

Thanks for this, you're dead right in thinking it might be useful to us researchers. It is, right now on a current project (the green issues floodgates are just beginning to open for us).

I have to confess so far I've only read this and part 1. But I've got all the other parts saved ready to read.