Saturday, 14 April 2007

Book Draft Part 4 now online

This is where it starts to get really interesting. Beyond classic marketing models; into enthusiasm, sharing and communities.

part 4

Enjoy :J


Charles Frith said...

Comments appear to be switched off on brand tarot John if it's kinda quiet over there :/

John Grant said...

thx charles, it was kind of quiet anyway from my side, but I switched them on now hopefully :J

john dodds said...

I'm finding these sections much harder to read online than chapter 1 (I think because the formatting is inevitably missing and because I see these grid related sections as linked to the grid - if you buy the grid as I do then the sections follow from that and are filled with examples - the only comments I could add would relate to individual examples and I don't think that's fair especially as I have skimmed to some extent).

That said - I don't like the marketing 2.0 intro - I think marketing 2.0 is multiply interpretable and (as you know from previous sparring) I see it as a recognition of the new tools and routes available rather than a separate type of marketing