Saturday, 14 April 2007

Green Christmas

How to do a better, greener but no less enjoyable Christmas?

Here's FOE's suggestions

But how to market this and make it a big mainstream trend? See Andrew's comments & the China Christmas post below. I'd like to include this as a little case example in my book (I'm just editing the place where it would go). Charles and Andrew already pitched some ideas in, anyone else want to have a go. From a planning point of view; who would it target, what would it tackle, how would it work? Is it just a pledge thing or is there actually an interesting brand or business idea in its own right.

Here's my suggestion as a starting point. A site where people swap Christmas presents (unwanted goods which they can part with in exchange for presents they can give) with other local people. Prime examples are kids toys which your own have grown out of. Like Freecycle would be organised into local groups (& you can just do it through an email list/yahoo). It would build community nicely too at that time of year. Could build many other relevant things into such a community to do with local food, 'christmas trees' (last year we just cut some branches from a overgrown bush) etc. That's a low cost approach. This could also be a high profile campaign like Yahoo's 18seconds one, with an existing community like MSN?

Ideas pls



John Grant said...

Actually I know exactly how to do this. Does anybody reading know Richard and Judy's production company? (Or Oprah's)? It's their next 'bookclub' style idea.

Karen Fraser said...

i feel i may have missed point here - apols if that's the case - but this has been a success right? think my family thought it a bit hairshirt and bah humbug to start with, but now we're all doing it :)
probly still wouldn't have the nerve to do it for someone's wedding though, altho I'd like to - seems people still want to go down the Divertimenti fripperies route when they get wed.

John Grant said...

Yes all my presents this year bar one (a book which I bought myself for family to give me) were donkeys & etc for the Oxfam thing. Quite brilliant if they got any scale. Meanwhile a record number of flatscreen TV & etc were sold. I guess the Oxfam thing is worthy, & there is a more festive/pervasive angle possible? :J

Mauricio Mota said...

I hope I understood everything you said there, but I think the first basic work to do about green christimas is changing it´s ethos and archetypes structures. Using storytelling to rebuilt some ideas and spread them. The consequences will come naturally and can be done at the same time

Andrew Smart said...

Shouldn't we start a dedicated blog (or maybe a wiki is better) where we can gather and share our thoughts. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I like the idea of being ballsy with this and hopefully it will turn a few heads. I love the simplicity of adbusters 'buy nothing day'. It's such simple and powerful statement and it's fun to play with.

Couldn't we re-name Christmas? Crudmas, Shitmas Christmess, humbug? Okay, maybe not. We'll be hunted down by religious groups.

Of course we have to be careful that we actually deliver a better alternatives instead of just being critical but I like the idea of starting with a powerful statement.

Andrew Smart said...

Okay, I had some more thoughts. I posted them here:

Let me know what you think.