Monday 4 April 2011

A Nation of Green Shoppers?

Interesting report published in March from the CBI on the role of green consumerism in delivering a low carbon society.

cbi website

The crux of it seems to be that energy efficiency is well established as a motivation, whereas green concerns remain marginal. The report suggests stronger links are made between the two.

Others (eg Tom Crompton) have argued that we need to tackle people's values - and that energy efficiency in particular leads to little or no real carbon saving, due to indirect rebound effects.

But there is no arguing with the basic lack of consideration of environment as a criteria in major purchases - as shown by this data:

It's also something of a relief to return to the "people don't care enough" lament - after those (2007-09) years when myself and many others would push the opposite view that 70-80% were very concerned about climate change and were taking action. When you recognise the problem - that it's marginal - you are bolder in thinking of ways to tackle it?

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