Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Conversations with Green Gurus

The film that goes with the book has just gone up on YouTube. And the individual lengthier film interviews will follow soon on the GreenGurus channel. It's a fantastic book anyway - I actually recommended it last week to a friend who said she wanted THE one book to read about green. It's stuffed with wisdom, quotable insights and personal stories from some of the most inspiring people in the field (and yours truly!)

Speaking of which myself, John Elkington and Paul Dickinson are speaking in a 'Faith and Climate Change' debate organised by the Green Guru authors at the liberal Jewish synagogue tomorrow night December 2nd, (28 St John’s Wood Road, London NW8 7HA • 6.45pm for 7pm - it's free to all comers if anyone local fancies a night of deep debate after work!)

I'm also rumoured to be interviewing another Green Guru contributor Hunter Lovins (fantastic lady, amazing hats too) at the Cineforum event Friday.

Finally do check out the Green gurus book itself here

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