Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Yard Sharing

Rob and I were playing around with this idea as a potential part of our (in development) mobile phone based sharing platform. Anyway it's here now as hyperlocavore on ning and it looks really great. Even better for the 'yard sharing' tag (our British 'turn your garden into an allotment' doesnt really have the same ring?) Anyway I love this - do join if you are a stateside lovcavore in the making. Or start your own version if elsewhere. via @derekmarkham

UPDATE, yes sorry, ever on the ball I had forgotten our very own celebrity chef driven UK version, getting on for 30,000 members and pretty snappily titled too: landshare


Liz McLellan said...


You don't need to be in the US to use hyperlocavore! We are constrained to English at this time, but there are no geographic restrictions on hyperlocavore.com (By the way, that is our permanent address. We may stray from ning.com)

Thanks for letting folks know about yard sharing and hyperlocavore.com!


paul macfarlane said...

Outstanding.Inspiring. Actionable. Well done. Well posted as always, chum.

Andrew Smart said...

I love the Landshare thing. I stumbled upon it a while back and wondered if I could find a home for it, or something similar over here in Denmark. It's such a briliant and simple use of the web.

Thanks for pointing out the other stuff.