Tuesday, 24 March 2009

We20 Launches Today

Stop press. This is something I 'worked' on, along with about 20 other people including new economists, developers, artists, policy people, a lawyer called Paul who brought us together and has been banging on about e-democracy being the real killer app of social networks for about the last 5 years, and supported/hosted by Roland at NESTA.

Basically the idea is to hold your own G20 meeting ie meet with up to 20 others and come up with your own plan, then share it with the community.

We thought it was a better response for us to make than protest or culture jamming or petitioning. Do check it out at we20.org


Griff Foxley said...

Great idea!! (Big fan of your blog.) Re-posted to mine (www.apocketofchange.com). Am looking forward to trying it out with some likeminded changed agent friends.

John Grant said...

hey Griff thanks for that and let us know how you get on, if you struggle to put one together yourself I think NESTA are hosting a load of these next week

like the blog by the way