Monday, 23 March 2009

Lights out this saturday

(message from IKEA/WWF - NB this isnt the result of some greenwash through bloggers PR offensive, I actually saw this because we are signed up as customers on the 'IKEA family' mailing list)


IKEA believes that climate change is a major threat to both the environment and people, and CO2 emissions need to be reduced rapidly to prevent irreversible damage to our climate. Therefore IKEA UK is proud to support WWF’s international campaign Earth Hour 2009 to support action on Climate Change.

WWF’s Earth Hour 2009 is aimed at motivating every individual, business and community to turn their lights off for one hour at 20:30 on Saturday 28th March 2009. WWF’s goal is to engage a billion people worldwide! All IKEA stores in the UK will be turning off the neon signs on the side of our buildings, turning off all non essential lights and where possible switching our lighting to minimum levels - while obviously maintaining a safe environment for co-workers and customers.

We are encouraging our co-workers and customers to sign up to WWF’s Earth Hour and to “switch back on” with low energy light bulbs. For every pack of SPARSAM energy saving light bulbs our customers buy on Saturday 28th March IKEA will donate 10% to WWF-UK.

You too can help to raise awareness of climate change and inspire people to get involved and take practical actions to reduce their own carbon footprint. To find out more and sign up, go to: or text* EARTHHOUR to 84880 (*standard text rates apply).

By actively supporting Earth Hour, IKEA is joining a dramatic worldwide call for strong global action on climate change. You can find out more about Social and Environmental Responsibility at IKEA here

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Anonymous said...

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