Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A new mascot for India

Smart and entertaining campaign for conservation at newnationalanimal.com/via Meenakshi Madhvani: "Since India has managed to kill off most of its tigers, its high time we found another national animal! Please click on this link, sign the petition to the Indian Prime Minister to save the tiger (or what's left of it) and do vote for the replacement."

If it was a serious positive move I'd be rooting for Hindu's holy cows

But of course as its a culture jamming exercise the rats have to be the front runners...


viraj swaroop said...

Hello Sir,
Thank you for your support for our campaign. I am from Contract Advertising - the agency that came up with the idea for Sanctuary Asia. Thanks for spreading the word. It'll go a long way in getting people interested in it.
And I'm guessing, you voted for the rat.

Sue said...

Fantastic idea - well done to Contract Advertising and here's to a successful outcome.
(I'm also with the rats)