Monday, 19 January 2009

Blog round up

Spent most of tonight futzing or flowing through the blogosphere and thereabouts searching for stories, tidbits, inspirations while musing themes around co-operative networks & sustainability - for a book which I may or may not actually have time to write anytime soon, but which gives me something to chat about when I meet my publisher this week. It's amazing how much you can find or find out when 'reading for'. Just about my favourite blog covering similar areas, themes, ideas and stories was longtime greenormal link la margeurite which overlaps with most of what I've been working on/interested in overall (never mind the book) and who pointed to the futzing post above too. Top of the leftfield league was the story getting significant media attention in Russia of an academic/ex KGB analyst predicting a US civil war in 2009. Most seriously worrying though was good old George Monbiot who pointed to this brilliant essay by Sharon Astyk on whether the fossil fuel required to kick start the proposed green energy revolution in the USA might just itself tip us over the brink and wondering whether we could all just slow down instead? (God it's true - my wife and 6 year old son were teasing me today about how much I use the word 'brilliant', I need to enlarge my superlatives list). As far as design goes isnt Lea's new blog looking gorgeous, I'm totally jealous - in a friendly/admiring/loving the writing too sort of way, obviously. ;J

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