Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Another Book

Teach your granny to text from the ever inspiring Eugenie and the We Are What We Do Team will make a beautiful modest Christmas present - only £3.50 - and we all need to help it get into the top 100 on Amazon so that it gets their full support in place of Bratz7 and whatever is this year's offering to kids. Did you know by the way that the average UK child in Christmas 2006 received £250 worth of xmas presents*? Hopefully it could be a bit different this year, not to be a grinch, but perhaps it's a year for beautiful, creative, inspiring stuff like this book - or even homemade? I know my son will have a wishlist double the length of his stocking (thanks commercial TV) but his favourite present from last year was a little pair of yellow binoculars, they are so brilliant for going foraging & exploring in the woods with.

*To put that £250 in context, according to the World Bank this is higher than the average annual salary in places like Nepal or Cambodia (and three to four times the average salary in Malawi and Burundi).

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