Sunday, 28 September 2008

Another must read

Joel Makower as I'm sure many readers of this blog (and his) know is THE green marketing author, in a career spanning all the way back to the late 1980s ("The Green Consumer") up until present when he is embroiled in both corporate transformation and cleantech; the twin green revolutions that have been keeping us all busy these last 3 years.

And he has a new book out. It doesnt even come out in the UK officially until end november. But you can buy it (from a UK source) from amazon new and used already and i for one just placed my order. Review to follow but I can tell you right now its going to be a must read. Here's what the blurb says:

"Joel Makower has been a front-row witness to the evolution of sustainable business. 'Strategies for the Green Economy' documents the journey, joining big-picture perspective with ground-level practicalities in ways that will challenge and inspire even the most skeptical executive."
-- Lorraine Bolsinger, Vice President, Ecomagination, General Electric

"Long before 'green' was in vogue, Joel Makower shared our understanding of the importance of sustainability in business. His knowledge of the complexities and the dynamics, especially as they relate to the bottom line, yield the insight that many companies have come to rely on."
-- Ursula M. Burns, President, Xerox Corporation

"A growing number of companies are finding pathways to a more sustainable future. No one tells this story better than Joel Makower, whose 'Strategies for the Green Economy' charts the course for a new era of business, one in which forward-looking companies are creating products and services that aren't just greener, but serve their customers better. This is critical reading for anyone who seeks to understand where tomorrow's economic winners are going."
-- William K. Reilly, founding partner, Aqua International Partners, and former administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

(Speaking of which - a sort of declaration of interest - Joel Makower very kindly endorsed my book last year, but then again I asked him because I think he is awesome and we dont exactly know each other so well that we'd plug each others books for any reason other than the right ones which is we think people should read them!)

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mbrady said...

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