Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Moving Total

Graph of the day - this shows how the total miles travelled on American roads have doubled in last 15 years; from traffic volume trends

The topical interest is in the little swerve in 2008 - the last 6 months all show year on year declines, which from a climate change perspective is a good thing (we are well into the Red Zone is a gathering consensus around James Hansen of NASA's recent position). But my god look at how things have changed within such a brief spell of living memory. Compound those figures with greater congestion (fuel inefficient stop-start traffic) and the phenomenal growth of SUVs over that time...

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Paul F said...

So much for Dick's non-negotiable american standard of living.

Saying that, with oil the price it is and $200 only a matter of time down the less travelled road, their standard of living will only increase. I would consider using the car less a higher standard of living.