Tuesday, 24 June 2008

essential reading this week

'that' ipsos mori poll - download it here

the new nesta research on behaviour change (launches tomorrow)

"Climate change is by definition a global problem, but one that requires each nation, each individual to take their share of responsibility – and more importantly, to take action. How we bridge this gap – between recognising our responsibility and taking action – is the subject of the ‘Selling Sustainability’ report. NESTA commissioned BMRB for their insights into what we can learn about behaviour change from commercial and social advertising and marketing."

will aim to blog about both soon



Sayantan said...

This is a very well compiled empirical study...
In india we dont have any studies like this...

The one thing tht caught my eye was the relationship between newspaper and the environmental awareness. This clearly emphasises on the need of the media in spreading the word..

Besides i think we should incorporate changes in the syllabus to educate the children in the bracket of 8-15 yrs...The corporate world will certainly be interested in this...because children do influence buying to a very large extend...

John Grant said...

Hi Sayantan, yes we talked about the strong influence of schools on home behaviour and attitude change at the NESTA event today

NB there is some good data covering all the same questions (awareness, concern, behaviour) for India in international surveys, eg HSBC Climate Confidence, Greendex and BBC Synovate surveys. (If you Google those three headings you'll find them all - any problems let me know). You may be surprised to know that you come close to leading the world on most of these measures; perhaps because India is an intrinsically ethical culture? Also a culture experiencing rapid development and the hope/optimism/confidence that comes with that.

Sayantan said...

Hi John,

Thanks for the lead .I did read the HSBC doc. Pretty insightful.
This will really help me in my empirical study on the effect of morality on Marketing (specially green marketing).

About the cultural aspect, I do believe to a certain extend. Indian villages have always believed in "local consumption". Villages have the concept of a "haat" a weekly market where people bring their stock & grains for sale and assemble at a common point.(Hardly any carbon fotprint for the products).Most of the super malls also try to proccur their supply (fresh vegetables) from local sources.However the impact of globalization is catchin up very fast.We have imported oranges from California and apples from Australia.This is a disturbing trend.

India leads in terms of carbon credits, producing almost 20% of the global carbon credits.
But everythings said and done there are hardly any scope for Green Marketing in india. Do you know of any Green marketing firm from India? Have you worked with anyone from India for Green Marketing?

Charles Frith said...

Do we need to sell sustainability given that North pole ice is due to disappear this year or next. Good old fashioned propaganda. Scare the living shit out of people.

Only way. Frequency, reach, repetition. Bash. Bash Bash! Repeat until its more important than money and maybe the economy gets rewired.

(Leave the cool stuff to the cool people?)