Saturday, 24 November 2007

Black and White Issue

Many of you will have read about the black screen google thing (Blackle). It started on the Eco Iron blog in January this year and a full report of the whole story can be read here This meme is spreading, for instance Clownfish now have a black screen website.

The net net is that sites displayed in black do use a lot less energy (between 18 and 88%) on CRT (cathode ray tube) screens. In case you arent sure, CRTs look like this

But 75% of screens are now LCD in case you arent sure they look like this. On LCD screens some studies suggest a black screen uses more energy.

So the question is this. how many readers of this blog use CRT vs LCD? Based on the answer we can take a rational decision. It is a one-click process to turn this into white type on a black background. It will be harder to read though, I suspect. so lets only do it if it makes sense given who uses what screen. So come on dont be shy, just click on the poll below and lets see what's the best thing to do.


joellybaby said...

All laptops will be LCD right?

John Grant said...

oh yes, you wouldnt want one of those other sorts of screens on your lap :J

John Grant said...

it's starting to look like a white screen christmas but lets keep the poll open a few weeks to get a bigger sample :J