Thursday, 21 June 2007

Second Life Flood by Adventure Ecology

Somehow I had missed this story until Ogilvy folks at my conference showed it.

Probably one the best green new media stunts I have seen.
(Also one of very few, eg Starbucks Evergreen also springs to mind)


Jennifer said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile and find it really informative and well-written. I thought this posting was fascinating and wonder what the users of Second Life thought? Has there been any follow-up?

John Grant said...

I have this 2nd hand from ogilvy folks:
- initially there was confusions, WTF??? etc
- then when they realised what was happening they were very supportive/into it
- there's only a small proportion online per day who caught it, but it became much discussed in the broader community
- part of the thing was having AE avartar/volunteers in there to chat to the community about what was happening (unlike the many brands who open a space & then leave it unmanned & unmediated)

GilesRhysJones said...

hi john/jennifer - i was involved in this campaign and was one of the avatars in world explaining the event. we got great support from everyone we spoke to and the majority of articles covering it were positive. residents were offering us their land and asking how else they could help. it seemed to succeed because it was not only a simple and powerful idea but because we had face to face conversations with the audience and involved the. make no mistake it was pretty nerveracking but one of the best days i have had at the office. all the best.