Monday, 18 June 2007

Green Banks

A roll of honour from a chart at my conference today from a section of a presentation talking about banks seizing the sustainability agenda:

Bank of America
Co-operative Financial Services
More Than
Norwich Union
Norwich and Peterborough
Wells Fargo

This was one I hadnt seen/covered & looks very impressive

The highlight of the day was someone from Co-op bank listing what they do in corporate governance, community & employee engagement, & sustainability. They are as he pointed out since the regime change at the Body Shop prob the only company which also mounts campaigns (eg their cluster bomb campaign a few years back). Inspiring stuff :J


fran said...

Another one that is proactive and willing to tackle difficult issues is the Dutch bank Rabobank

I find the case studies under sustainability reporting especially heartening

Freya said...

Hi John, assume you've seen this but just in case...

John Grant said...

Thx Fran, and another one from Holland is ABN - also their Banco Real subsidiary in Brazil (which audits small businesses for sustainability, before they award a loan or similar)

Yes Freya, i had seen it was coming but not this actual report - there's a week of blogging in here already