Wednesday, 16 May 2007


“You shall not pollute the land in which you live. . . .You shall not defile the land in which you live, in which I also dwell.”
Numbers 35:33–34

To prove (in case it was in any doubt) that the climate issue is scrambling all previous political distinctions, the religious right in the US are moving on the issue. Eco-evangelism is such an important step, in neutralising republican yoyos in their own backyard. I suspect it is more likely to force the pace of Bush administration commitments to the environment than 20 international treaties and panels; this is his heartland 'faith, family, flag' voter we are talking about here. From what I have seen it is thoughtful, interesting stuff too, in the American tradition of Walt Whitman, Robert Bly and others who have found spirituality in nature. The cultural logic is compelling; it is puritanism, the remake:

"Drawing on science and religion, Sleeth builds a bridge between environmentalists and mainstream Christians. He and his family are harbingers of the creation care movement, which calls on all those who love God to love our planet. Sleeth shares how material downscaling led his family to healthier lifestyles, stronger relationships, and richer spiritual lives. Serve God, Save the Planet is more than a book: it is a prescription for taking personal responsibility for global survival." link

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Charles Frith said...

Working now! Love the numbers biblical quote John. Just the ticket for demolishing about half the arguments I'm facing. Thanks.