Thursday, 17 May 2007

The Brandwagon

Have a fleet of delivery vehicles? Want to demonstrate your commitement to sustainability? And save large sums of money in a high oil price world? This is almost bound to be a 'brandwagon' for 2008. New electric vehicles, or existing vans converted to greener fuels. Dominos are testing these Zap Xebras in the US. Tesco just took delivery of 15 electric vans in UK. via fullstory via Hugg


Libby Davy said...

Initial response - very happy with this. Next thought - well I guess being an old adbuster from way back I would have to wonder whether our mental environment is going to do as well as our natural one. Not so keen on millions of moving billboards buzzing around. Have been so delighted to see how pure the views are in Sussex and rural UK per se compared to Australia. No billboards!

John Grant said...

hi libby

true true

also not sure re discs of saturated fat & stodge heated & delivered by exploited casual labour & etc

but like the idea of fleets' existing jouneys replaced by electric cars & similar