Friday, 6 April 2007

Thought for the Day

I just realised that writing the new book and my one thing a week stuff has mostly coincided with Lent. I was raised by strict catholics & I think there is probably an unconscious connection (even though these days I live with a North Korean communist educated wife and my 4 year old son only asked me yesterday "Why did Jethus die?")

Why not do a huge campaign next year targeting the Catholic world? It's about taking a time of restraint and expanding it beyond traditional fasting and abstinance; just like the numerous 'carbon diets'.

I know an agency who works with Telefonica in Spain and South America, I'm going to suggest it next time I meet them. Post any smart creative ideas here, but remember it's got to be un-blasphemous (no holy water saving schemes or low carbon ash etc!) There's been a few churches & blogs that came to the same idea this year but nothing large scale that I could find. NB If anyone has seen something bigger that I've missed do say and I will use in the book as an example.


Jon Howard (Living Brands) said...

Have a look at this: A Year of Living Generously (

It was born out of the Greenbelt Festival (, the Christian version of Glastonbury, but with more talks, less commercialisation, and a bit more (leftie) action. And less drugs. Probably :-)

John Grant said...

Great stuff Jon thx :J

Lisa said...

Over Easter i read a brilliant book called "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller. His book takes you on a journey with him as he explores his faith, but it is the most honest and contemporary writing on faith that i have read and i honestly think that if i acted on even one of the ideas put forward it would change my life. Sounds like an oversell, but i really thought it was incredibly insightful.