Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Anyone for GUMBO?

Inspired by this story at treehugger... who would like to start a book swapping club together called GUMBO (green und marketing bookclub org)? The idea with that name would be to meet to eat Gumbo together occasionally too; each bringing books to swap/loan out. Food makes a great focus for social networks btw (I am in a music filesharing and IP law newsgroup called Pho which organises occasional offline meetings at Vietnamese restaurants - Pho being a type of soup).

I have many hundreds of books which I'd like to hang onto for reference, but dont need day to day. And probably an even larger number of books which if I'm honest, I am done with. There is bound to be quite an overlap with what other people coming here would want to read. And you will all have many books I'd love to read but either havent bought, or in some cases didnt know about yet. There is also the chance to post reviews eg I recently attempted to read the actual Stern report & while there would be others much more qualified there were a couple of concepts (like 'externality') which eally grabbed me.

I guess it would be best to do this in local cells, but we could share a platform and work out 'the rules' together. If ten people say yes to this by the end of next week, then I will set it up , using meetup or similar


Karen said...

Yes. And I already have a "wanted" books list in my head.

John Grant said...

Cool, shall we compare lists next week