Sunday, 29 April 2007

New Book, Draft 3

I've just finished another editing round. After a quick check 'Draft 3' will now go to the publisher for comments. I have disabled access to the sections which are online since they have been superceded. Anyone who wants a read of the current draft is more than welcome just email me at thejohngrant(AT)btinternet(DOT)com and tell me who you are (if I dont know you already) and I will send you the file. You'd have a good few weeks to read and make feedback as the final manuscript is due end may. Many thanks to all those who are reading now and/or have chipped in so far. Those who are already waiting for the latest draft, I will send it out tomorrow night as I have a long train trip to Harrogate tomorrow when I will do some final tweaking.

nearly there


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