Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Is Starbucks A Nice Company?


I think they might be?

But I am open to persuasion either way

A late entry case study for the book (2C): welcome to evergreen

Not had much time to 'play' it yet but it does look very instructive, educational and actually quite fun. I really like the SFX.

Good that they partnered to do this.

What does everyone think?

Starbucks get a hard time for greenwashing & the recent ethiopian coffee campaign (Oxfam)

But they do also seem to do a hell of a lot; from recycled materials, through fair trade, community citienship projects (timebank) & giving platform for causes to reach people through their cafes

Should we give them the benefit of the doubt?

via sustainableisgood


Charles Frith said...

Their heart is in the right place. Must try harder!

Mauricio Mota said...

John, I think we should give the benefit. Even if it´s for a while. I was asking myself when any brand would start using "cool" features to expose their opinios about serious issues. The game is interesting and is educational. And developing audience for green issues, at least with me, makes a point.