Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Green(ish) printing

My thoughts are turning towards making the book green(ish) as an artefact.

The decision to print at all (rather than going download-only) came after conversation at my previous blog when nearly everyone said they would probably print it off to read. And home printers are really bad for inks and paper and other nasties like ozone. I caught up with Marcus the other day (that's him in the pic). He pointed me to this brilliant post he's written on green(ish) printing

I'm also having a session next week with Luke & the guys at More (see post below). Their initial suggestions included; make the text as short as possible (oops! it's really long at the moment), use a particular typeface which uses less ink, design for minimum white space, publish the index, bibliography & other extraneous stuff online.

It's so fascinating working with a real design brief. Previous books the discussion has been over 'how can we grab people's attention' & dumb stuff like that. That was the point I was making to the D&AD audience; what to the world is a big problem, is to creative marketing people a much more interesting and challenging set of design and communication briefs.


Ben said...

Thanks for the link.

This is a good idea for a blog and it looks interesting. (And it uses shorter words than t'other one which is a bonus!)

gavin said...

On greenish printing, I've always thought that the format Crade-to-Cradle printed in was pretty interesting. If I remember correctly it was printed on on plastic so it can be recycled, and printed with soy ink, which could be removed and then reprinted, utilizing the same plastic book/pages. It makes it expensive, but as a side note it's also waterproof!