Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Draft 1

Should pass 100,000 words today. May even be completed today. Fingers crossed.

(For reasons of green publishing, draft 2 will probably be half this length)



Ed said...

Dude. You were good last week at the D&AD gig. Do you intend to sell your new book (or old ones) an any other formats other than on paper? Also, can I please have a read of your new book? Kindest. Ed

John Grant said...

Hey Ed, thx
I will give books to friendly contacts anyway :)

It will be available as a download to buy
(I want to include a 'promise not to print' clause because it's a disaster ecologically if people do at home)

And yes it will be posted in chucks from next week as a draft so you can not only read but give it the open source treatment

John Grant said...

I've made it!

101,830 words

draft 1 completed

(which isnt saying much, editing a book is at least half the work, but its a promising start!)