Thursday, 19 April 2007

China Crisis

News today in FT says that China will overtake USA in carbon emissions this year; the original story from reuters

The growth is mainly due to growth in power generation capacity (new coal fired power stations). It is estimated that the amount of power generation they will add by 2015 will be equal to the entire capacity of the EU. Its totally understandable that they need power as the country develops and their per person footprint is still small compared with the west.

Depressing stuff. The political implications are that China will be more under pressure to commit to a cap in carbon emissions. Although in short term the fact that they dont is USA's main excuse for not making a commitment.

The only additional thought I had was about the Olympics in 2008. Is there a way to link these; in that 'the world is watching'?


john dodds said...

I've seen a TV report in recent weeks that suggested that you were not alone in thinking this.

Charles Frith said...

Intentional allusion to Margaret Thatchers rebuff when China's Deng Xiaoping implied he could take Hong Kong in an afternoon?

'ah, but the eyes of the world will be watching'

Smart idea in any case because the notion of losing face in Asia is something most Westerners cannot grasp. I hope pressure groups are reading this blog!