Friday, 18 May 2007

Some interesting strategic varieties

This is a couple of things I dont want to forget to weave into the book text - this post is my note on the fridge

ps if you didnt see this from my other blog, do check it out

1. brands which set the standards by providing utlities used by other brands, for instance Volvo happens to produce the definitive list of approved/disapproved of chemicals

2. the vogue for ways people can see a combined impact
'& we're in this together' as the latest in a line of those where you join and measure what we achieved together - reminds me vaguely of the old blue peter accumulator (milk bottle top collections etc)
that scheme is also a 'safety in numbers' exercise in brand partnership & says something; like a cessation of hostilities because it's so important we all have to work together

3. yahoo launch & the race to be the home of green consumerism/content/advertising

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