Tuesday, 28 September 2010

P&G Announces new sustainability vision

In its new "sustainability vision," P&G has set a goal, to be achieved by 2020, including:
• Replacing 25 percent of petroleum-derived raw materials with sustainably sourced, renewable materials;
• Reducing packaging by 20 percent per consumer use;
• Powering company operations with 30 percent renewable energy; and
• Reducing waste from manufacturing to less than 0.5 percent

Read all about it at Greenbiz

NB Does anyone have the detailed data and/or expertise to compare this with Unilever's ten year sustainability vision which says they aim to double the size of the company while reducing its environmental impact compared to today's absolute level?

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marketing said...

Those are so very good goals, but how close to being successful will they be? The Oil industry isn't going away anytime soon and to convince companies to stop using oil is going to be hard. We'd seriously have to find something that can produce more energy and that was less. Plus something that is more green