Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Are You in Co-opportunity?

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What examples are drawn on is something I often check when I am choosing books in this sort of area.

I thought it might make an interesting although slightly nerdy thing to post anyway. I was going to use the Index but discovered that I needed to go through it manually as many had fallen through that net. If anyone from any of the specific projects, campaigns, or ventures below see this do mail me for a signed copy (Andy from MindApples and Luke from kept just got theirs today). Obviously I cant give free copies to every employee of eBay or everyone who ever bought Fairtrade, but I'd love to give something back to the examples I love and quote within reason - so lets say the first 30 genuine responses? :J

826 Valencia, ActOnCO2, Actics/Ethical Economy, Adventure Ecology, Alpha Course, Amazon, Apple, Art of Living, Arup, Ashoka, BarCamp, Barter bank, Barter Card, BBC Green, B-Corporation, Big Lunch, Big Issue invest, BioChar/Craig Sams, BoGo, BT, Canvass Your MP, Cape Farewell, Carbon Disclosure Project, Carbon Trust, Carrot Mob, Causes.com, Christian Aid, Climate Camp, Coin, Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), Community Interest Company (CIC), Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Co-operative Bank, Co-operative Societies, Couchsurfing, Craigslist, Creative Data, Dark Mountain Project, Demos, Design Council, Do Lectures, DoTheGreenThing, Earth Open Source, The Ecologist, Eden Project, Elio Studio, eBay, Energy Crossroads, Environmental Ambassadors (CpH), Etsy, Fairtrade Foundation, Fordhall Farm, Futerra, Freecycle, Good Guide, Grameen bank, Green Belt (Wangaari Matthai), Greenbiz, Greengaged, Green My Apple, GreenPeace, Guerrilla Gardening, GTO, Howies, The Hub, Hub Culture, Hughs Chicken Run, Hyperlocavore, The Idler, i-Genius, i-Team, Ipswich Town FC, Ivili, Kickstarter, KEPT, Kiva.org, Landless Rural Workers Movement, Landshare, LEED, Lemnis, LocalFoodShop.co.uk, London United, Long Now Foundation, M2M, Meetup, Mental Health Foundation, Method, Marks & Spencer/Oxfam, Mind Apples, MPesa, MyObama.com, MySociety.org, NESTA, Nokia, 'Not Bad', OneLaptopPerChild, Organic, Pestival, Pew, Plastiki, Pledgebank, Project Dirt, PSFK, Prosperity Without Growth, Reboot Britain, ReCaptcha, Responsible Travel, RateMyPrison, REIY, Resurgence, Riverford Farms, River Simple, Rural Community Shops, RUSZ, School of Life, Slow Movement, Smart Para Transit, Sahara Forest Project, Social Innovation Camp, SPIN Farming, TED, TEEB, The Nag, Tomorrow's Company, Timberland, Timebank, Tom's Shoes, Transition Towns, Tweehive, Tweet Congress, UNEP, Virgance, Wal-mart Index, We20, Whole Foods, Whuffie, Wikipedia, World Bank, WOOFF, World Changing, World Without Oil, Worn Again, WPP, WWF, ZOPA


paulmassey said...

Great gesture John! I'll be in touch via email and looking forward to reading!

Crop For The Shop said...

Hello John,

I spend my time supporting Community Owned Shops around the UK, at the moment from Vancouver where we are babysitting. Back in the UK in April.

John Grant said...

Paul I dropped you an email

CropfortheShop - sounds great - shall I give/post a book when ur back?


Anonymous said...

that sounds brilliant thanks John! would love to read your book & share the love!

Sarah Ciel said...

Hi John, sorry forgot to add my name to previous posting! looking forward to receiving the book! sounds great and cant wait to read it! Pls can you contact me with email address to send it to? thx

John Grant said...



Chris Pearce said...

Hi John

Long time since I've commented but I am a life long Ipswich Town fan so was intrigued by the reference. Goes without saying that I've been a fan of yours for almost as long!!