Thursday, 12 November 2009

Recipe for a Successful Copenhagen

I'm tempted to show this at the event I'm speaking at Danish Embassy tonight (I'm sure they make funny videos featuring our hilarious British accent too ;) Seriously though does a great job of combining quite dense info & the limitless infantile joy of playing with food.


亞特 said...

Remember the "World's Most Dangerous Battery" viral video?
Here is another viral video for the "World's SAFEST Battery".
They pierced through a real battery to cause a huge explosion.
Among mobile phone batteries, notebook batteries,
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Andrew Smart said...

I think they've gone a bit too Dutch/Sean Connery with the voice. Funny though.

paul macfarlane said...

Oh I so want to make a cooking show based on this sloppy nonsense.. "The Shloppy Chef' featuring a drunk who rails about world problems through his recipies and make a right mess of things.
I hereby © this idea.
©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©©© me.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that you people could have made a more annoying advertisement for spotify?
Possibly the most ridiculously stupid attempt at a 'silly voice' yet to grace the airways. makes 'Jonathan from spotify' almost bearable.