Wednesday, 14 October 2009

We Are One

I'm not usually a huge fan of coffee table books but this one looks almost worth buying a (second hand or otherwise responsibly sourced) coffee table for! Here's some details from Jo Ede who created and edited this book & has been working with and filming indigenous peoples:

'We are One', the book on tribal peoples I have created and edited, is being published in the UK and Holland this Friday 16th October. It will be available in most bookshops nationwide.

We are One is a collection of previously unpublished statements from the world's tribal peoples, from the Yanomami of the Brazilian Amazon, to the semi-nomadic Penan of Malaysia and the Innu of Canada's sub-arctic tundra. These are supported by powerful essays photographs from authors, campaigners, politicians, philosophers, poets, artists, journalists, academics, anthropologists, environmentalists and illustrated by beautiful images by international photojournalists. We Are One celebrates the lives, homelands, rituals, languages, ideas and values of tribal peoples and explores the relevance of their wisdom to the present time. It is both a portrait of the beauty and diversity of tribal peoples, and a call to arms that examines many of the contemporary humanitarian and environmental issues inherent in their fight for survival - such as climate change.

Every single article, literary extract and photograph has been generously donated, in recognition of the 40th Anniversary of Survival International, the human rights' organisation that campaigns for tribal peoples ( All royalties from the sales of the book go to Survival International. We are One includes contributions and extracts from: Richard Gere, Zac Goldsmith, Colin Firth, Bruce Parry, Jane Goodall, Joanna Lumley, Robin Hanbury-Tenison, Damien Hirst, Satish Kumar, Tony Juniper, Colin Samson, Jonathan Porritt, Vandana Shiva, Kari Herbert, Sydney Possuelo, Carlo Petrini, Wade Davis, Arundhati Roy, A.C. Grayling, Roy Sesana, Laurens van der Post, Doris Pilkington-Garimara, Eduardo Galeano, Robin Hanbury-Tenison and many others. Photographs by: Sebastiao Salgado, Mike Goldwater, Steve McCurry, Mirella Ricciardi, Carol Beckwith, Yann-Arthus Bertrand, Tim Allen, Claudia Andujar and others.

For further information, please either contact Jo Ede on (+44 (0) 7721 093067, ( or or Miriam Ross at Survival International on (+44) (0)20 7687 8734 (

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