Friday, 7 August 2009

Co-opportunity - coming soon on PSFK

The lovely people at are hosting a serialised sharing of the draft of my new book Co-opportunity, from next week. Do check in regularly (as each section will only be available for download for a short while) read at your leisure and feed me comments at PSFK to make it better. It's all about co-operation for a better world, so we needed to work on this together! :J

ps if you do miss a section or two email me (the address is in 'about section' and I should be able to sort you out


paul macfarlane said...

loving waiting liking salivating

and well done cover art too brother.

Eric Bartels said...


For some time now I try to contact you as as our sessions together in Amsterdam has always left a mark on me. Yiou inspired me to write myself so my first book was published in the Netherlands last year. Please let me know how you are and lets communicate!


Eric Bartels

Phil said...

the cover does look great. I know you shouldn't judge and all that but...looking good.

John Grant said...

Thanks guys, section 1 now up on PSFK just writing the blurb for section 2. The cover is a first stab by my friends at, it may not be the final design we just needed something initial for the Wiley catalogue but yes I do really like it already

CueP said...

Looks great. Wish I could be at your session at Greengaged! Sustainable models for banking. Wow!!