Monday, 6 July 2009

Inspired on all counts

I actually really love one of the comments made following Leonora's report on Treehugger so I'll just repeat it here

"Congratulations Michael, not so much for demolishing Lomborg's skeptical arguments so eloquently, but for focusing even more on the opportunities arising from the very threats we face. How much more satisfying to invest time and energy in seeking solutions, for people to live happy and healthy lives within the carrying capacity of the Earth, than to scavenge opportunistically in the market of media counter-point, looking for reasons to do nothing." (Paul King)

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paul macfarlane said...

My new climate change mantra is this (it shuts up most deniers):
It's happening. It doesn't matter whether it's man-made or a natural cycle, it's happening.
And whether it's man-made or a natural cycle, it's affcting us our health, our weather and our finances today and will get worse.
So, whether it's man-made or a natural cycle,we should take some action right this very second.

; )