Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Kick the Habit

Free Unep eBook on personal carbon/change (NB big download 22MB) here

Now this is proper disclosure (info for the printed version):
"The production and transport of each copy of this book has released about 5 kilos of CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere. This value is comparable to the amount of CO2 generated when burning 2 litres of petrol. Factors that have been taken into consideration for this calculation are shipping (40 per cent), staff and editorial board travel (20 per cent), paper (20 per cent), printing (13 per cent) and energy consumption for office and computer use (7 per cent). The use of sustainably produced recycled paper and plant-based ink helped to lower the climate impact, whearas the transport of 500 copies to New Zealand for book launch is responsible for the biggest chunk of emissions."

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paul macfarlane said...

Thanks for the PDF link.

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