Saturday, 23 May 2009

Climate Progress/US Legislation

Long detailed post at Climate Progress on the Clean Energy and Climate Bill. It's a landmark shift from the Bush years. However in the light of recent scientific reports there are substantial doubts that the US getting back to its 1990 levels by 2020 are enough (vs EU is aiming for -20%). A very positive step, and a vital one in the build up to COP15 eg to engage the Chinese. But also representative of America's still not being willing to change its cherished "lifestyle", of the across the board conservatism of American politics - a free market consensus with slight variations in shade - & a testament to the ongoing lobbying power of big energy. The Cap&Trade element has been subject to an attempt to show it is a tax on the poor middle American coal states & hence working class democrat voters. vs actually via the cap&refund format most individual working americans would be better off financially. Details of what's in the bill from New York Times

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paul macfarlane said...

Oh, believe me brother.. the Obama administration is sadly miles away from what the Dennis Kucinich administration would have's something... I guess.