Sunday, 19 April 2009

Un-signs of the Times.

After Woolworths who is next? Wall Street 24/7's predictions based upon a study of 100 US companies known to be struggling of 12 brands or in some cases, most of whole sectors, that will likely not make it to the end of next year. Here's their list in summary. Via Huffington Post:

1. Avis/Budget car rental
2. Borders books
3. Crocs shoes
4. Saturn cars (GM)
5. Esquire magazine
6. Gap clothing
7. Most other magazines (eg at Conde Nast)
8. Chrysler cars
9. Eddie Bauer retail
10. Palm gadgets
11. AIG financial
12. Airlines & travel

So airlines, cars, fashion, banking, gadgets and consumerism... (Shame about the books though). But seriously though you have to spare a thought for the millions of workers involved and their families.


Sue said...

That's frightening. But how did Starbuck's escape the list?

Nick Craig said...

Hi John. I'm a fan of your book and I can't find an email so I'll have to make one of these silly public appeals. I've blogged something that I'd like your opinion on (and maybe even some linkage) I'm part of a pro-EV crowd here in Ireland.

John Grant said...

Hi Nick, it's in here somewhere but anyway I stuck it on the top masthead of the blog now because no-one can ever find it. My head is slightly swimming (writing all day, not down at the pub, honest) but will give it a look when that clears

Yes I agree Sue they SB certainly faltering since mid 08, they must have quite a lot of momentum & cash though? Or have u heard more than i've heard?

Car Rental said...

I thought Starbuck should be in there but i guess humans really love coffee :P