Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Earth Day Hymn

By Ben Okri (an extract of one of his poems)

You can't remake the world
Without remaking yourself
Each new era begins within.
It is an inward event,
With unsuspected possibilities
For inner liberation.
We could use it to turn on
Our inward lights.
We could use it to use even the dark
And negative things positively.
We could use the new era
To clean our eyes,
To see the world differently,
To see ourselves more clearly.
Only free people can make a free world.
Infect the world with your light.
Help fulfill the golden prophecies
Press forward the human genius.
Our future is greater than our past.

We are better than that.
We are greater than our despair.
The negative aspects of humanity
Are not the most real and authentic;
The most authentic thing about us
Is our capacity to create, to overcome,
To endure, to transform, to love,
And to be greater than our suffering.
We are best defined by the mystery
That we are still here, and can still rise
Upwards, still create better civilisations,
That we can face our raw realities,
And that we will survive
The greater despair
That the greater future might bring.

(From "Mental Fight - an anti-spell for the 21st century")

Ben Okri also wrote a poem recently on twitter (a line of poetry a day) story here and the actual full poem' I sing a new freedom' is there


paul macfarlane said...

new ideas are on the way
a simpler life begins today
willing to invest in loss at last
to fly away from all our past

the web– one way to stay in tune
go dark at night and watch the moon
join together in the street
sing a song of life so sweet

we all will die, so why resist?
things we hoard –we will not miss
when life turns another page
from day to day and age to age

so smile and watch the bird in flight
slow down and make the choice that's right
smile at me and I at you
letting go is such the thing to do.

thank you John.

John Grant said...

and thank you paul

too true and beautifully put